We do not promise to cure you, but we will do everything we can to make it happen.

   Thank you for your confidence and for choosing our GE office. Patients who are duly insured in the Slovak Republic and meet the appropriate legal requirements (i.e. bring an recommendation ticket from Slovak GP or another specialist, or in case of emergency come without it) do not pay for the examination. Payments only apply to self-requested procedures or to uninsured patients. In particular, please check your contact information carefully or we may not be able to respond to you. If you have received a copy at the email you provided on the form, your order has been received correctly. If you do not receive a reply within 24 h. please contact us by email or via WhatsApp or Messenger, click on the page below. Please make sure you don't have our mail in your spam folder beforehand. However, if you have receive a reply with the proposed dates and do not respond within 24 h., your order will be automatically cancelled. Please make sure you do not have our mail in your spam folder beforehand. Don't forget your recommendation ticket from your Slovak GP or another specialist (výmenný lístok).Urgent cases we admit just during working hours. Thank you! Data sent via this site is protected by a Let's Encrypt security certificate.

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