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When do you need a gastroenterologist

If your problems are as described below, persist for more than 10 days and do not resolve after self treatment, or following the taking  of medication as recommended by your GP, or if further complaints are present:

-difficult or painful swallowing of a food or liquids

-burning in the chest or upper abdominal area

-oesophageal reflux 

-abdominal pain

-nausea and vomiting ( especially if blood is present)

-bloating after a meal

-uncomfortable digestion, dyspepsia

-any change in your stool habit (constipation, diarrhoea , blood in the stool)

-weight loss or loss of appetite

-growing of abdominal circumference (ascites with an oedema of the ankles)

-palpable abdominal tumour


In the case of a sudden change of your condition or acute abdominal pain, you will need to call emergency service. Please, call 155 or 112. 

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